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+ "GUINARDÓ A ESCENA" - Barcelona, Spain.


+ "La central del Circ" - Barcelona, Spain.

+ "Roca Umbert" - Granollers, Spain.

+ "Sant Martí" Centre Civic - Barcelona, Spain.

+ "Ceco Guatemala" - Madrid, Spain.


"SOLA" is a scenic experience that merges dance, object theatre, and Cyr Wheel, under the creative direction of Josefina Colli.

In this intriguing surreal world, where loneliness is the central narrative, the boundaries between the physical and the abstract blur, challenging the viewer to explore the very essence of human identity.

The piece invites questioning of how loneliness shapes and redefines our understanding of who we are, leading the audience into deep reflection on the nature of existence and connection with the world around us.

In this fictional world, a variety of objects and human forms intertwine for collaboration and solace, challenging the borders between the living and the inanimate, blurring the distinction between the animate and the inanimate, and offering a poetic response to the human need for connection.

Sounds, fundamental in this poetic composition, emanate from the movements of the body, objects, and environment, creating an immersive sensory experience and exploring how objects can assume functions that were previously exclusive to humans.

"SOLA" invites us to reflect on the power of imagination to mitigate loneliness and find companionship in the most unexpected corners.


+ "Circus Dance Festival" - Köln, Germany.

+ Pre-selectiion "Circus Next" 2023-2024

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