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+ "GUINARDÓ A ESCENA" - Barcelona, Spain.


+ "La central del Circ" - Barcelona, Spain.

+ "Roca Umbert" - Granollers, Spain.

+ "Sant Martí" Centre Civic - Barcelona, Spain.

+ "Ceco Guatemala" - Madrid, Spain.


Seeks to be part of a  research that combines the techniques of Contemporary Dance and Circus: Cyr Wheel, having as projection in the future the creation of a show.


PIt proposes to dialogue and reflect, from a very intimate place based on questions and writings that perhaps  deserve to be ordered or not, but which keeps the body and object in constant feedback._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_A hollowing out questions without answers.


Rhythms, turns, slides, the simplicity of a grip, the sensation of touch, its texture.

The error as freshness of the movement. The yes in the natural organicity of the body and the encounter with the breath as a support to the change in dynamics. Search for words and their antonyms that destabilize the certainties around the body-object, rediscovering the reasons, limits and displacements.

Follow the trail of tensions, find the motors of movement and their construction to re-enter a reciprocal and gravitational bodily relationship. 

I believe in the appropriation and juxtaposition of techniques and experiences for any investigation because mTo go in another way is also to learn in another way, to know another way and to travel again, in another way, the boundaries and alliances of our ways of thinking-doing.


+ "Circus Dance Festival" - Köln, Germany.

+ Pre-selectiion "Circus Next" 2023-2024

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