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In 2016 she graduated with the title of Professor of Visual Arts with orientation in Painting and Engraving at the School of Visual Arts "Lino Enea Spilimbergo" Argentina.


Since 2011 she has been practicing different disciplines of the Circus, training in Contemporary Dance, Aerial Acrobatics and Floor Acrobatics in different schools in Argentina, mainly Bahía Blanca and Capital Federal.


At the same time, he is part of the Argentine circus company "El Despegue" where he participates in different shows such as "Bosquejo" (2014-2016), "Por la Tangente"; (2015-2016) and "Juana" (2017-2018) projects supported by the Municipal Fund for the Arts of Bahía Blanca.


She is not only an artist but also a circus teacher and has taught classes for 5 years in the training space "Maroma" Bahía Blanca, Argentina.


In 2014 he began the practice on the Rueda Cyr element and to promote his study he joined the organization team of the Latin American Convention of Rueda Cyr that takes place every year in Argentina.


Continuing with her research in Cyr Wheel, in 2018 she was selected by the Municipal Fund of Bahía Blanca, Argentina to carry out her personal number project in Rueda Cyr "Entre nos" / "Frágil" which was also selected to carry out residency in Brussels, Belgium.


He deepened his studies in Europe by completing a technical year at Cyr Wheel at the “Flic” school in Turin, Italy. Also seeking growth and development in Contemporary Dance techniques, she studies at the "Area Dansa Barcelona" school in Barcelona, Spain. 

He is currently investigating the movement in a personal way, adding readings between philosophy and performing arts. with different circus artists and dancers, as well as following a training with the Eric Franklin method. 

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