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Josefina Colli was born in Bahía Blanca in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1990. Influenced by a family of visual artists, she decided to study Visual Arts Teaching in the city, but simultaneously embarked on a personal and experimental journey through the world of circus. This new adventure allowed her to explore different circus disciplines, where she eventually found a special connection with the Cyr Wheel.

In Bahía Blanca, she was part of the circus company "El despegue," which received support on several occasions from the Municipal Arts Fund, as well as for the production of her Cyr Wheel project titled "Entre nos."

Self-taught for years, she decided to grow artistically and traveled to Europe to deepen her studies at the "Flic" circus school in Turin, Italy.

The constant search for artistic growth led her to embark on the journey to Barcelona, Spain, where she currently resides. There, she decided to attend the "Area Dansa Barcelona" contemporary dance school, with the aim of expanding her body expression and further enriching her artistic repertoire.


The process of creating and developing a personal language that allows for the harmonious coexistence and articulation of both circus and contemporary dance disciplines, without establishing a hierarchy between them, is an objective. Through research, she identifies common elements and principles in both artistic practices, seeking points of connection and possibilities for interaction. Through collaborations and creative dialogues, she nourishes and enriches her personal language, drawing inspiration from the diversity of perspectives and styles.


She is currently researching and creating her project "Poética Salvaje," preselected for "Circus Next" as the representative of the Spanish territory in 2023.

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